We are a leading Greek law firm known for its long heritage, legal acumen and integrity.

As a full-service business law firm, we take pride in our distinctive mindset and offering. This shows not only in responsiveness, but also our ability to field versatile, approachable, easy-to-work teams of practitioners who truly understand our clients’ interests.

Our strong international orientation is echoed in our structure, standards and approach, and ultimately attested in the profile of our client base, our rankings and the network of our affiliations and best-friend law firms around the world. Established in 1893, we know that change, whether in the legal or economic environment, is inherent to our jurisdiction; we are accustomed to implementing untested legislation, structuring innovative solutions and putting our bold legal argumentation to the service of our clients.

We advise corporations from all commercial and industrial sectors, financial institutions, non-profits, startups and high-net-worth individuals, working closely with regulators and all major professional service firms. For more details on our firm and practice please visit our website at www.zeya.com.

website: www.zeya.com