Technology Summit – June 30th 2022

Shaping the digital transition

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Summit’s Overview

The healthcare crisis and the unprecedented needs it created, have undoubtedly led to digital transformation leaps in public administration, business and society.

Decade-long plans and projects became reality in just a few months, with new technology applications proving decisive for the effective functioning of states and organisations.

We are gradually emerging from this crisis and are facing a “new normal”.

What are the opportunities and risks of this digital revolution?

What are the next goals of digital governance in Greece and worldwide and how could our country become a technological innovation hub?

Which emerging technologies will further reshape health, education, work and all aspects of our lives and which are the new ethical and security dilemmas that need to be addressed?

Political leaders, representatives of European and domestic institutions, CEOs of ICT companies and of all sectors pioneering digital transformation, representatives of investment funds and start-ups, highlight the perspectives, trends and risks, always with a focus on sustainable economic growth and improvement in quality of life.

Secure your ticket and attend the “Technology Summit: shaping the digital transition” in person or online. 

Language options: English & Greek.

Summit’s Content

  • Post-pandemic digital governance: The European and the Greek experience
  • Turning Greece into a technological innovation hub
  • The technological trends that will shape our business, governance and lifestyle in the next decade
  • Digital transformation of Greek businesses:
    • Technological innovation as a catalyst for business growth
    • Reinventing the consumer relationship in the post-pandemic era
  • World-changing emerging technologies
  • The Greek Startup Ecosystem
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