Founded in 1975, Microsoft enables the digital transition to the age of the intelligent cloud and the “intelligent edge”. The mission of the company is to empower every individual and every organization on the planet, to achieve more. Microsoft started its activities in Greece in 1992. For the last 30 years it has been offering software, services, devices, and solutions that help people and businesses make full use of their potential. In 2020, Microsoft launched the “Gr for Growth” initiative, a significant technological commitment to the citizens, the public sector, and businesses of all sizes in Greece for technology and new resources that create additional growth opportunities. As part of this initiative, Microsoft will build a complex of three Datacenters in Attica, putting the country on the world map of Microsoft cloud infrastructure – the largest in the world – thus ensuring access to business-level “low-latency” cloud services. At the same time, to support Greek citizens in their professional and personal goals, Microsoft will train as many as 100,000 citizens in digital skills, by 2025.